These are all of the weapons and items that have been (temporarily?) removed from the game:


The Crossbow was a ranged weapon that fired an unlimited number of arrows. There were Rare and Epic variants.

Guided Missile

The Guided Missile launched rockets and was available in Epic and Legendary variants. You could take direct control of the missile after it was fired. It was slower than the RPG and dealt slightly less damage. You could control the missile for 18 seconds, or less if the rocket was shot down. Rockets had 100 HP.

Submachine Gun

There was a “vanilla” Submachine Gun available in the early days of Fortnite Battle Royale. It was available in Common, Uncommon, and Rare versions. It is currently “in the vault” and is therefore unobtainable.


The Zapotron was briefly released in Battle Royale, available only in Supply Drops. However, it was disabled shortly after its release and is still unavailable. It was a “laser sniper” that could be “charged” by holding down the trigger/mouse button.

Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenades released a cloud of white smoke that would obscure the vision of your enemies.

Ceiling Zapper

The Ceiling Zapper was a trap that could only be placed on  the ceiling. It would discharge a big electrical shock to any enemy who stepped under it.

Wall Dynamo

The Wall Dynamo was a trap that could only be placed on walls. It would electrocute any enemy who passed near it.

Jump Pad

The Jump Pad was a “trap” that came in “Directional” and “Up” variants. It would launch a player upward (or forward) two blocks. It was replaced by the current Launch Pad.