Pick your fights carefully! This game is more about survival than racking up insane kill counts.

High ground is key! Angle of attack is perhaps the biggest advantage you can have in an encounter. Build yourself up to “higher ground” if you need to!

Sometimes you have to let your teammates die. It’s better for one of you to survive, than to have you all die in a rescue attempt.

Communication is the greatest weapon! Talk to your teammates.

Limit the sound you make. Keep your decibel level to an absolute minimum, and you won’t attract any unwanted attention.

Use headphones! Footsteps and other sound cues are so important and you are at a disadvantage if you aren’t using headphones.

Be paranoid! If you always assume there is someone around the corner, you’ll never be surprised.

Be aware of the storm! Keep an eye on the storm and the circle. It really sucks to have the storm wipe out your HP, and it’s even worse to beĀ killed by the storm.

Drink your shield potions immediately! Nothing worse than dying with shield potions in your inventory.

Do not loot bodies straight away. Make sure the coast is clear before going for that Legendary SCAR!

Build during the final showdown! As the circle shrinks near the end of the game, well fortified bases become more and more important. Plan accordingly.

Learn to love wood! Even though it’s the least durable material, wood can be extremely useful. Wood spawns with more initial HP than other materials, and it can be built more quickly. In short: use wood for temporary bullet cover, use brick/metal to build bases.

Make use of launch pads! It’s a great way to get behind an enemy base and they can be really helpful to escape an encroaching storm.

Mark supply crates! You can keep track of a supply crate’s position by shooting it and displaying its health bar.

Let enemies do the work! See two teams fighting? Consider letting them duke it out before hopping into the fray yourself.

Leave one last hit. Avoid giving away your position by never fully destroying an object. Hack away at a tree and gather wood until it has only one last bit of health left.

Land faster! Landing somewhere near the coast? Dive over the water so that your glider opens relative to the water level. You’ll land very close to the actual ground level.

Ride rockets! Did you know you can ride rockets? It’s a tough skill to learn, but once mastered you can quickly traverse a map or launch your teammate towards an enemy base.

Stack items with your squad. There is no use in every squad mate carrying a Med Kit and wasting valuable inventory space. Instead, designate a single player to carry a whole stack of them.

Hit the blue circle when destroying things. You’ll gather resources and destroy the object much faster.

Crouching increases your aim. This tactic decreases bloom, ensuring that more of your bullets hit their intended target.

Extra bounce! If you press the jump button as you walk onto a pile of tires, you can jump to extreme heights.