Anarchy Acres

Anarchy Acres is an area on the north side of the map near Loot Lake. It is a large farm full of barns, crops, and fields. It is a common landing spot and there are many barns and buildings to search for loot. Don’t forget to check the silos for chests and other loot!

Dusty Divot


Dusty Divot has replaced Dusty Depot after a large comet made impact with the area. The area is now scattered with Hop Rocks. It is in the center of the map. The large crater has replaced the three large former hangars.

Fatal Fields

Fatal Fields is a large farm in the southern region of the map. There are many barns with high chances of loot and there are plenty of vehicles to destroy for metal.

Flush Factory

Flush Factory is a toilet manufacturing plant located on the southwest coast. It is a popular landing location with many nooks and crannies to hide in.

Greasy Grove

Greasy Grove is a residential neighborhood with a large restaurant and other commercial buildings. It is located on the west side of the map. There are many buildings to scavenge for supplies.

Haunted Hills

Haunted Hills is a cemetery located in the northwest corner of the map. There are tombs and churches to search for loot and it is considered one of the least populated landing areas on the map. A majority of the chests are hidden in the large mausoleum.

Junk Junction

Junk Junction is a scrapyard located in the northwest corner of the map near Haunted Hills. There is a ton of metal to mine here. North of the scrapyard there is a large statue of a llama which can also contains loot. Be warned – you may end up very far from the first circle! Plan accordingly.

Lonely Lodge

Lonely Lodge is a forested area with a large tower and camping grounds. It is located on the east coast.

Loot Lake

Loot Lake is located slightly northwest of the center of the map. It is a large lake with an island in the center. Navigating the water severely limits your movement speed, so it is suggested that you build a bridge if you need to traverse across Loot Lake.

Lucky Landing

Lucky Landing is an Asian-inspired town with a large pink tree in the center. This pink tree can have a chest inside of it, so don’t forget to check it out. As of now, this is the newest location on the map.

Moisty Mire

Moisty Mire is a remote swamp area in the southeast corner of the map. The multitude of large trees make it among the best areas on the map for collecting wood. It is less crowded than other starting areas, but that does not mean that it is short on loot. Check out the tree house in particular!

Pleasant Park

Pleasant Park is a suburban neighborhood located in the northwest quadrant of the map. It is a common landing spot due to the large number of buildings to search for loot. There is a playable soccer field here as well.

Retail Row

Retail Row is a large commercial shopping area located east of the center of the map. There are a lot of buildings here, so it is a good area to land at and gear up quickly.

Risky Reels

Risky Reels is a drive-in movie theater location in the Northern area of the map. There is a small crater here that offers a small amount of Hop Rocks.

Salty Springs

Salty Springs is located just south of the center of the map. It is a very popular landing area as it has a high chance of being inside of the first circle. A majority of the buildings at Salty Springs have good loot.

Shifty Shafts

Shifty Shafts is a mining facility located in the southwest quadrant of the map. It includes an underground mine shaft, as well as a plethora of buildings and vehicles. You can find up to seven chests in this location.

Snobby Shores

Snobby Shores is a richer neighborhood located on the west coast of the map. It has larger houses with fenced off backyards. The southernmost house has a large underground bunker which contains a few chests.

Tilted Towers

Tilted Towers is located near the center of the map and is perhaps the single most popular landing area.

Tomato Town

Tomato Town is a small town with a pizza restaurant and a gas station. It is located in the northeast quadrant of the map. There are many vehicles to mine for metal.

Wailing Woods

Wailing Woods is a large forest with a building in the center. It is located in the northeast of the map.