Healing Items


Bandages are the lowest-tier healing item in the game. They heal the player 15 HP when consumed. They cannot be used to bring a player over 75 HP. You can carry them in stacks of up to 15. They take four seconds to apply.

Med Kit

Med Kits restore full health to a player when consumed.

Shield Potion

Shield Potions grant a player 50 shield points. They take 5 seconds to consume.

Small Shield Potion

Small Shield Potions grant a player 25 shield points. However, they cannot be used to shield you beyond 50 points. They take 2 seconds to consume and can be carried in stacks of ten.

Slurp Juice

Slurp Juice is a consumable item that grants 1 health and 1 shield every second for 25 seconds.

Chug Jug

The Chug Jug is a legendary healing item that grants the player full health and full shields. It takes 15 seconds to consume.



Damage Trap

Damage Traps can be placed on any surface that accepts traps. It contains lethal spikes that will spring at a player who steps on or in front of it. It does a medium amount of damage. Damage Traps will not affect you or your teammates.

Launch Pad

The Launch Pad is used to launch a player into the air. Once airborne, you can redeploy your glider and fly away from your enemies. It can also be used to quickly traverse the map and is particularly useful to help you outrun the storm. Once it is deployed, the launch pad can be used by anyone and has unlimited uses. The Launch Pad must be placed on a floor piece.

Cozy Campfire

The Cozy Campfire is a healing “trap” that heals you and your allies at 2 HP per second.  It must be placed on a floor piece, and it lasts for 25 seconds. It is a rare item that can be found anywhere. Note: your campfire will also heal enemies, so be careful where you place it!




The Bush is a one-time use item that disguises a player as an ordinary bush. It is destroyed if the player wearing it takes any damage, including from the storm. The Bush does not automatically sit flush with the ground, so a player should crouch if they want maximum camouflage. The Bush requires 3.5 seconds to put on.

Building Materials


Wood is the weakest and most plentiful building material in Fortnite. Trees are the best source of wood.


Stone is stronger than wood but weaker than metal. Rocks are the best source of stone.


Metal is the strongest building material in Fortnite. In urban or suburban areas, the best source of metal are vehicles or large machinery.